Apple plans to replace Intel chips with MACS with its own

Apple plans to replace Intel chips with MACS with its own

Steefel analyst Kevin Cassidy said in a note that he believes that the market was “on the reaction” for reporting on Apple’s plans and Intel’s possibilities were good, he wrote in the note, “We do not expect any other PC The manufacturers considered designing their own CPU. ”

Other analysts say that Apple will skip Intel’s chips over time.

“Although it is possible that Apple may replace Intel in some of its lower end product lines, we think that Apple will replace Intel completely by 2020, especially on its high-end offerings,” Summit group analyst Kenai Chain said.

Mac has played a small part in Apple’s overall financial picture, with 19.2 million units sold last year, and Apple has an 11 percent stake in 229.2 billion dollars in revenues for FY 2017.

But when laptops and desktop computer markets have declined year after year, between the increase of smartphones and tablet computers, Mac’s sales increased 4 percent in 2017. This increase came, however, the decrease in PC sales was 259.5 million units, the lowest decline since 2011, according to data from research firm IDC

Although Apple has been informed that there will be a major shift from Intel to its Mac lineup, it is increasing year after year designing its chips for its devices. Since the release of iPhone 4, in 2010, the company is designing its own iPhone processor and continuously increasing the amount of chip, which handles it itself

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