YouTube rolls out new tools to help you stop watching..

YouTube rolls out new tools to help you stop watching..

Google’s Youtube Is the first streaming app that actually tells users to stop viewing. In its Google I / O conference this week, the company presented a series of new controls for YouTube that would allow users to set limits on their viewing, and then allow them to receive a “remake” Will get This feature is now moving forward in the latest version of YouTube’s app, with others who limit the ability to send notifications to YouTube, and soon, which gives users an overview of their Bing behavior so that they can see there Can make better-informed decisions about habits.

With “Tech Break” available from YouTube’s Mobile App settings screen, users can set reminders to appear in every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, at which point the video will stop. Then you can dismiss and view the reminder, or close the app.

The setting is optional and has been turned off by default, so at this point, it is not likely to have any major impact at the time of watching YouTube.

And YouTube is preparing to start a “Viewed Time Profiles” that will appear in the account menu and show the time of your daily average clock, and yesterday you saw YouTube videos in the previous week and last week, a set of Together with Tools to help you manage your viewing habits

Although these changes in YouTube are opt-in, but it is an interesting and rational responsibility – the situation of taking people in the matter of helping to sometimes addictive behavior around the technique.

And Google is not making the biggest change on the digital welfare front – the company has also announced a series of Android features that will help you better handle how often you are using your phone and app, and To limit distortions, you do not disturb the device – like the settings, the phone gets silent when the phone is flipped and the “Wind Down” mode is turned off for night use. Which switches on dot no disturb mode and changes the screen to gray-scale.

The digital welfare movement on Google started with a Google page presentation from Product Manager Tristan Harris with a page of Google that was working on Google’s inbox app at the time.

Now there is also the Digital Wellington website, which talks about Google’s extensive efforts on this front. On the site, the company presents features in other products that save people’s time, such as the high priority notifications of Gmail that alert you only to important emails; Google Photos’ Automatic Editing Tools; Android Auto’s Distracted Driving Loss Tool; The ability to turn on your phone’s DND mode of Google Assistant or to start a “sleeping routine” to slow down your lights and relax your music; Family link equipment to reduce the screen time of children; “Internet Break;” Google WiFi support for more

Google is not the only company that is rethinking its role in relation to how much of its technology should infiltrate in our lives. Facebook also gave priority to welfare again with the time spent on the news of reading the site, and as a result, its daily active users declined.

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