Yahoo shuts down social saving app Tanda only months after launch..

Yahoo shuts down social saving app Tanda only months after launch..

Well, it did not take long. Yahoo Finance’s new social saving app, Tanda, which was launched this January, is already shutting down. The company announced the news of the closure of the app through a blog post, which indicated a lack of traction was fuzzy. This proves to be true – according to the data of the sensor tower, the App Store does not have an app in the top 1500 in the finance category.

It was established 37,000 times in both iOS and Android till date.

Even so, in the first few months, thousands of people have not performed completely horrible for the app, which has not received almost any attention, marketing effort or media outreach. (We practically happened to do this accident – because Yahoo did not come out to press. Yes, even if Yahoo’s ownership is near Oth, which we also have, there was no internal head-up or even There was no external pitching too. I am thinking!)

The app has allowed people to collect money for short-term goals using the concept of “money pool”, where a group of friends pays a certain amount in the monthly savings vessel, and each month a vessel takes home. You did not “win” this post, you claimed. Finally, this was another way to save money, but social elements helped you stay on track.

U.S. Money pools are popular outside, in places like Mexico and Philippines, Yahoo! Notes. However, it may be difficult for the American audience to persuade them to give a shot.

In any event, Yahoo says that Tanda is no longer anymore.

The blog post reads, “When we benefited from the tools of financial planning and gained valuable insights about the opportunity to offer a variety of suites for financial products, we have decided to sunset Tanda this week.”


“By running each test, we help in improving the brand better and create a better experience for users. We have learned a lot from launching and running Tanda and then have scaled it back. Rates, consumer preferences and the major education around the UX will inform the projects we are making, and we will encourage innovation in the future. Areas already improving market how can.

Even then, he had a fast learning experience, friends.

In an email sent to Tanda users, the company says the app will be closed on May 29.

Any money you are told will be completely returned, and then your Tanda account will be deactivated, the email says.

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