How to earn money online in 2021

How to earn money online in 2021

Friends, we all want to do some extra earning, whether it is online or offline, but everyone wants to earn it. so here web discuss about How to earn money online.

In my post today, you will find five ways where if you work diligently, then definitely in one You will be successful, if you work on everything well, then you will be able to get rich from all the platforms,

but it depends on your hard work because without hard work, you get nothing. but if you will do work regularly then definitely you will earn money online.

without doing anything there is no cheer and those who try will never lose Does not happen

Blogging– Earn money online

Friends, Blogger is a platform through which a lot of earning can be done if you have the skills to write good articles. In blogging, you select your particular Nich and if you work on it, you get success. But you have to keep writing articles constantly as well as traffic is important to your blog.

Because if there will be ads and there will be no traffic on your block, then you cannot earn.

For this, many tools have come today, with the help of which you can bring a lot of traffic for your article to your website on your blog.

At the same time, you have to take care that your blog is not copyrighted.

Because if the copyright article happens then it will not rank in Google and your article will be considered useless.

So if you keep writing all these things continuously and keeping your blog o maintained, then you can earn by blogger. you will be How to earn money online in 2021

YouTube– Earn money online

Friends, YouTube has a lot of crazes nowadays. There is hardly a blogger who will not have a YouTube channel Other Wise nowadays everyone is up. You must have a Gmail ID to create a YouTube channel.

You can create 50 YouTube channels with one Gmail ID.

Your YouTube channels may be on different topics or you can create your YouTube videos for the field on which your interest is in the field.

Your content should be unique in YouTube videos. You cannot put someone else’s video. If you do, then you are likely to get copyright strikes.

On YouTube, you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time required for the channel to be monetized.

Because without monetization you cannot run even a rupee from your YouTube channel.

For that, you will have to make good videos continuously and also have to do SEO for your YouTube channel.

But if you have achieved the target on YouTube and made good subscribers, then no one can stop you from earning on YouTube.

Web Design– Earn money online

Friends, web designing is also a very good profession nowadays, I do a lot of earning by designing websites myself.

To design a website, you need to have HTML CSS, if you create a website on WordPress, then you will have knowledge of coding even if it is not.

But if you have to do customization according to your client’s requirement then you need to come to HTML and CSS, then I will recommit that you learn HTML and CSS online.

As soon as you are ready, you should create your own Facebook page to design a website, run your Google Aids, create a website and do your workshop there.

You will find many such platforms where you will also get clients for website design such as Fever Freelance ETC.

As you grow in this field, your clients will join you and if they like your service, they will also reward their friends for their service.

Friends, the best thing in website design seems to be that if you have made a website for any client and you had good service to that client, he stays connected with you, then every year he keeps giving you the renewals cost of the website, Keeps earnings.

App Development– Earn money online

Friends, nowadays there is a lot of scope for mobile app development, if you know how to develop a mobile app then you start earning even more. Because you can recommend them for the website as well as the app.

You can also run a combo offer in which you will give an app along with the website, then the client will connect with you more and more.

There will be many such free tools for mobile app development, where you can develop them easily, I will sit on some links, through which you can try and visit those app’s website.

You can also create an app of your own and put it on the play store and put adobe ads on it.

AdMob AIDS is good because it is also a product of Google AIDS.

Affiliate Marketing– Earn money online

Friends who don’t know about affiliate marketing.

When a company gives its product to you and tells you that you will sell it, you will get some commission, then it is called Affiliate Marketing.

By creating your own website, you will create your own app and contact these companies and add their products to your website and sell them, then you will generate a lot of revenue.

Nowadays there are many companies that run affiliate programs, you can create your own account by visiting their site and seal their product and make a significant commission.

Here, I give you a link to a website with some high rate affiliate programs that you can go to and check and start the work of affiliate marketing by creating your ID.

So, friends, there were five such platforms where you can run online, you must tell us by commenting which platform you have run or you have any question, then you must tell us by commenting,

thank you.

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